Christ Church Millarville Preparing for Annual Flower Festival

The 56th Annual Flower Festival at Christ Church Millarville is scheduled to be held this year on Saturday July 14th and Sunday July 15th. With the generous help of the Millarville Horticultural Club, the church, the grounds and the cemetery will be beautifully decorated with floral arrangements, potted containers and hanging baskets. Donations of cut or potted flowers are greatly appreciated and should be brought to the church by 6:00 pm on Friday, the 13th.

The church was officially opened on May 6, 1896, and was built of Spruce logs. However, these logs were not laid horizontally as was common, but placed vertically side by side. This unusual construction caused some concern, as the local residents feared it would not withstand the Chinook winds. Well, not only did it pass a “three month” trial period, but it is still standing and active after 122 years! Services are held every Sunday under the leadership of Rev. Alan Getty and Rev. Gordon Pontifex, Associate Priest.

The “tea” of scones, strawberry jam and whipped cream will be held in the Church Hall, or House, as it is more commonly called, which is situated on the same grounds as the church. It was built in the 1950s and is frequently used for various functions by the congregation and numerous community groups. This facility is wheelchair accessible.

Please join us for tea at this beautiful venue on Saturday July 14th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The cost of the tea is $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children under 6 years. Everyone, young and old and in-between, is invited!

Everyone is also welcome to attend our church service on Sunday at 11:30 am, as all floral arrangements will still be on display. Of course, you would also be most welcome to visit this historic church on any other Sunday as well!

Christ Church Millarville, is situated on Highway 549 about 5 km east of the Millarville Race Track between Millarville and Okotoks.