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Child and Youth Advocate applauds Tribunal’s ruling on First Nations child welfare funding practices


Advocate supports equal services for First Nations young people in care

“This historic decision addresses the inequitable funding that First Nations children in care have received across Canada and in Alberta. I hope this decision will lead to government action and equity across all federal services for these children. Regardless of jurisdiction, young people need to be assured that government has their rights, interests and wellbeing as primary considerations when delivering child welfare services.”

Del Graff, Provincial Child and Youth Advocate

Provincial Child and Youth Advocate Del Graff welcomed the decision by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that Canada’s funding practices towards First Nations child welfare services are inequitable and discriminatory.

The complaint was filed by the Assembly of First Nations and the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada in 2007 alleging that the federal government of Canada failed to provide equal funding to First Nations child welfare recipients.

“Overrepresentation of First Nations children in care in Alberta remains a serious concern. Addressing historical and current issues for these First Nations children will continue to be a priority of this office,” adds Graff.

Along with participating in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings last year, the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate is finalizing its Special Report on Aboriginal Young People in Care. The report will be released in the spring.

Read the Tribunal’s decision:

Read about the Special Report:

The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate is an independent Office of the Legislature, representing the rights, interests and viewpoints of young people receiving designated government services.

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