Statement from Health Minister on World Cancer Day

Alberta’s Deputy Premier and Health Minister Sarah Hoffman issued the following statement on World Cancer Day:

“Today is World Cancer Day, and Alberta stands with the rest of the world to acknowledge the work being done around the globe to address this devastating disease.

“With the theme ‘We Can, I Can,’ this year’s event is focused on inspiring each of us to take action. Prevention is one of the best tools we have when it comes to fighting cancer. By knowing the causes of certain cancers, Albertans are empowered to take charge of their own health and reduce their risk by altering the factors within their control. Albertans can access information about cancer prevention at

“With about 43 Albertans diagnosed with cancer every day – a number that is expected to grow – our government is also acting to ensure we have the best cancer care available. Our investment in the Calgary Cancer Centre will lead to better cancer care for patients from Calgary and neighbouring communities. Construction begins next year, and when the doors open in 2024, Calgary will have a new dedicated cancer centre.

“Cancer touches everyone. My heart goes out to those Albertans who are struggling with this disease, and to the families and friends who support them. And thank you to the caregivers, agencies and foundations who work every day to care and treat cancer patients and bring us ever closer to eradicating this terrible disease.”