Changes to High River Downtown Land Use Supports Business Growth


HIGH RIVER, AB: Changes to the Land Use Bylaw in High River’s downtown district will make it easier for developers and business owners to locate in this area. The changes to the Town’s Land Use Bylaw were approved by Council at its regular meeting November 9th.

The new designations reflect the provisions in the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to maintain the charm of the downtown area while providing opportunities for a number of different types of businesses to flourish,” said Khalid Mohammed, manager of planning and development services

The changes will not affect buildings that are currently under construction but the design of future developments will need to reflect the vision of the ARP to enhance the quality and vibrancy of the Downtown area.

Under the new designation, all uses within the buildings are permitted, providing they do not conflict with the intent of the ARP or may be objectionable to neighbouring property owners.

“The new zoning is much less prescriptive than before, which means that more types of businesses can operate in our downtown,” said Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “The new zoning is more flexible but still ensures we have well-designed streetscapes and buildings, mixed with green spaces that link the downtown to the rest of the community.”

Builders, developers and land owners are encouraged to contact the Town of High River to learn more about future opportunities.