Centre City Projects Bringing Calgarians’ Vision to Life

The 2014/2015 Centre City Annual Update, released today, highlights some of the projects continuing to deliver on Calgarians’ vision for a Centre City that is safe, clean, vibrant and accessible.

“The collaborative work being done by The City, community partners and businesses helps us achieve this vision,” says Ben Barrington, program manager, Centre City Implementation. “The breadth of projects undertaken in 2014, from new parks and public art, to upgraded mobility choices, to community and social programs, is a testament to how our downtown continues to get better and better.”

These kinds of improvements make moving to the Centre City more attractive to Calgarians.

“The amount of new homes in the Centre City continues to increase,” Barrington says, “providing more housing options for people in communities like East Village and the Beltline.”

Since 2009, the population of the Centre City has increased 15 percent, compared to 12 per cent in Calgary overall.

An economically and culturally vibrant downtown helps attract and retain businesses, residents and jobs and promotes continued investment in the city by the private sector.

As part of The City’s Plan for Economic Resilience, a seventh strategy was added specifically referencing the downtown as an important economic engine for the city.

“This relatively small area of the downtown, representing less than 1 per cent of Calgary’s land mass, generates over 25 per cent of The City’s tax revenue,” Barrington says. “This money helps fund growth and sustainment throughout the city.”

“A resilient and robust downtown benefits not just those who choose to live, work and play in the Centre City, but all Calgarians.”

Over the next week, we’re showcasing some of the 2014 projects that are continuing to improve our downtown. Check out the video above or follow The City’s @nextcityyyc Twitter account to learn more.