Celebrating Ukrainian Heritage in Alberta

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism, issued the following statement to mark Ukrainian-Canadian Heritage Day (September 7):

MLA Sucha (L) and Minister Bilous (R) raise the flag of Ukraine in Calgary and Edmonton to celebrate Ukrainian-Canadian Heritage Day in Alberta.”

“Albertans of Ukrainian heritage have made an enduring impact on our province with contributions that span business and industry, academia, public service, culture and sports. The legacy of this community is so well understood and appreciated that the Ukrainian-Canadian Heritage Day Act, signed in 2016, was just the fifth bill in Alberta’s history to pass with unanimous consent in a single day.

“The community traces its roots in Alberta back 125 years when the first Ukrainian settlement in Canada was established northeast of Edmonton between 1891 and 1894. Today, there are more than 350,000 Albertans of Ukrainian heritage and their culture and traditions are woven into the fabric of many communities throughout our province.

“Among the best places in Alberta to experience Ukrainian-Canadian history is the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. Every summer, thousands of people visit the village to learn stories about the first settlers and the lasting influence they have had on the province’s cultural identity. The success of the village would not be possible without a truly passionate and committed team of staff and volunteers who help keep this history alive.

“On behalf of the Government of Alberta, I would like to thank the Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Alberta Provincial Council for their role in helping to preserve and promote the rich history of this vital and vibrant community. I encourage all Albertans to celebrate and explore the remarkable contributions that Albertans of Ukrainian heritage have made to our province.”