Cash Mob Okotoks to Strike Tonight

It’s time for another business in Okotoks to get mobbed! The Okotoks Cash Mob is holding its second event where a secret business will be flooded with customers in an attempt to support locally owned small businesses.

Tonight (October 16th) starting at 6:30pm at Homeground (22 N Railway St) then at 7pm, they mystery location will be announced!

Okotoks Cash Mob is working to support our local, independently owned businesses and supporting our community. This started in New York as a way to introduce locals to local businesses, generate buzz and often boost sales and exposure.

How does it work? Once a month we will meet at a pre-determined location and as a group we will “mob” a business.

The local business will be chosen via word of mouth, suggestions, emails and many other factors including businesses that could use a cash injection.

There are only Three Rules

Cash Mob - Cropped 1. Each person in the mob must spend a minimum $20

2. Meet new people

3. Have Fun.

For more info, click here to view the Cash Mob Okotoks Facebook page.