Cardston Remains a Dry Town

The southern Alberta town of Cardston held a plebiscite on Monday, October 6th asking residents to vote on four main issues affecting their town: liquor, fluoride, backyard hens and opening recreation facilities on Sunday.

There were approximately 1450 votes on 6 questions. The outcome for recreation venues was that sporting events would not be allowed to book the use of the fields or facilities on Sundays. The backyard hens also got a no vote. On the question of adding fluoride to the town drinking water the vote was close with 732 in favour and 703 not. Allowing liquor to be sold or served in town was soundly defeated.

Cardston was settled in 1887 by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) from Utah Territory and named after founder Charles Ora Card. Still predominately Mormon the town holds to their beliefs by not allowing alcohol within the town as well as not asking town employees to work on Sundays. This picturesque town of over 3,500 residents is close to both Waterton and Glacier Parks and is home to the Remington Carriage Museum, the Alberta Cardston Temple and the Cobblestone Manor to name a few.

Here are the Plebiscite results:

1. Are you in favour of allowing backyard hens in the Town of Cardston?

Yes: 317

No: 1108

2. Are you in favour of having fluoride in Town of Cardston drinking water?

Yes: 732

No: 703

3. Are you in favour of allowing sporting events to book Town operated fields and facilities on Sundays?

Yes: 481

No: 960

4. Are you in favour of alcohol sales within the Town of Cardston?

Yes: 347

No: 1089

5. If the province would amend legislation to allow limited access in our area, are you in favour of restaurants and/or recreational facilities within the Town of Cardston selling alcohol?

Yes: 456

No: 956

6. Should the Town conduct a pilot project to determine the impact and feasibility of allowing backyard hens?

Yes: 322

No: 1065