It can’t always be the alcohol’s fault!

New campaign targets binge drinking and encourages young Albertans to think about the choices they are making with respect to drinking.

With the tagline Thanks Alcohol!, the campaign emphasizes the role personal choices play in drinking behaviour. In addition, the campaign highlights some of the most common consequences of overconsumption, and provides resources that could help anyone concerned about their own behaviour, or the behaviour of their friends, take control.

“Promoting responsible choices is a big part of the AGLC’s mandate, and we continue to work closely with industry and community partners to encourage safe and responsible consumption. Asking young adults to reflect on their drinking habits is, above all, very important for their long term health; it is also another important step in getting to a culture of moderation.” ~ Bill Robinson, President and Chief Executive Officer

The Thanks Alcohol! campaign can be heard on radio and seen online as well as in drinking establishments across the province, Oct 28 – Nov 24. The campaign was developed by the AGLC, in collaboration with Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services. These three organizations are the main partners in the Alberta Alcohol Strategy, a provincial strategy that brings together numerous stakeholders and provides a coordinated approach for prevention and reduction of harms associated with alcohol use in the province.

“Our aim with the Alberta Alcohol Strategy is to promote a culture of moderation, and that includes bringing awareness to some of the negative consequences that can result when people drink too much. The ‘Thanks Alcohol!’ campaign is a creative way to remind young Albertans in particular about the power of our personal choices in drinking responsibly.” ~ Dr. Michael Trew, Chief Addictions & Mental Health Officer and Alberta Alcohol Strategy Co-Chair

To help minimize alcohol-related harm, the AGLC:

  • regulates minimum drink prices, ‘happy hours’, and drink orders at last call;
  • has a mark-up system that is based on alcohol content; and,
  • leads Best Bar None program to support the nightlife industry’s efforts to ensure responsible service and raise operating standards.

“The Edmonton Police Service is proud of its citizens and community. Most citizens drink responsibly while enjoying our city. Unfortunately there are those who fail to consider the impact of their behaviours, drink too much and make bad decisions. The EPS hopes these individuals think about the potential consequences from over doing it and instead choose to respect themselves and others while having a good time.” ~ Inspector Gary Godziuk, Edmonton Police Service

Thanks AlcoholFor more information about the campaign as well as responsible drinking resources, visit or find the campaign on Twitter with #HaveAFewLess, #KnowYourLimit, #MoreFunLessRegrets.

The AGLC is committed to reducing harm caused by alcohol consumption in Alberta. By increasing public awareness of potential risks, the AGLC’s goal is to enable Albertans to make positive choices for themselves and consume alcohol in a responsible way.