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Cancer Centre Topping Marks Construction Milestone

Construction of the new Calgary Cancer Centre has reached its highest point. The last concrete pour (topping off) of about 163 cubic metres now encloses the highest level of the main structure.

Construction workers pour the final concrete to enclose the exterior of the new Calgary Cancer Centre.

Construction of the steel room, which houses the mechanical and electrical operating systems, and the exterior building envelope, which includes the installation of roofing, exterior walls, and windows, will take place next. This will seal the building from the elements and turn the construction focus to the internal construction of the health-care facility.   

About 7,600 construction-related jobs have been created as the result of the Calgary Cancer Centre infrastructure project.

“Achieving today’s construction milestone under the present circumstances is a remarkable achievement and is a testament to Alberta contractors and tradespeople. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 1,000 workers are working on site each day, keeping this important $1.41 billion project on schedule and budget.”Prasad Panda, Minister of Infrastructure

“This is great news for patients in Calgary and all of southern Alberta.  Progress on the Calgary Cancer Centre is a great reminder that we’re moving forward with key investments for the future while we respond to the COVID-19 emergency. Patients with cancer and other diseases need care, and the health system will be there for them.”Tyler ShandroMinister of Health

Over the next couple of months, work on the building’s interior will increase as all of its floors become accessible. Construction activity will focus on the installation of electrical and mechanical systems, studs and drywall, and completion of the radiation therapy vaults.

The Government of Alberta in conjunction with public health officials will carefully monitor worksites across the province through the COVID pandemic to ensure the construction season proceeds while keeping workers safe. This will help ensure that not a single day of the construction season is lost and keep workers safe and construction sites open.

The protocols include:

  • Maintaining separation of at least six feet between workers.
  • Avoiding in-person meetings when possible. If held, the number of attendees should be limited and workers are required to maintain separation.
  • Ensuring personal hygiene practices and job sanitation measures have and continue to be implemented.
  • Directing anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms not to come to work and to self-isolate for 14 days.

Quick facts

  • More than 124,000 cubic metres of concrete has been poured in the Calgary Cancer Centre project. Construction activity will continue until late 2022.
  • Building commissioning AHS (preparing the hospital to open): 2022-2023
  • Public opening (anticipated): 2023

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