Canadian Open Judo Championships 2016 to be Held in Calgary

12 – 15 May Calgary Olympic Oval

Judo Canada’s National Open Championship competition will showcase 700+ Canadian athletes including more than 100 black belt competitors.

Judo Nationals Press Release (English)Calgary: An impressive number of competitors from all parts of Canada will take part in the Canadian Open Judo Championships at Calgary’s Olympic Oval.

This is a unique and unprecedented athletic event for both spectators and athletes alike. The Canadian Open Judo Championships 2016 will run concurrently in the same arena alongside the Wrestling Canada’s 2016 Nordhagen Classic wrestling championships and the 2016 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships. The atmosphere will be phenomenal as thousands of athletes, fans and families come together to support the competitors in their respective Olympic sports.

This amazing combined competition—the first event of its kind in Canada—will feature both male and female judo competitors, age 15 to veteran, competing in divisions from -38kg to plus-100 kg. These Judo athletes will include

more than 100 black belt experts representing every province and territory in Canada, competing across the multitude of weight and age divisions required for an event of this size.

The Canadian Open Judo Championships 2016, a four-day event covering all aspects of the sport, will be held in the prestigious and spectacular Calgary Olympic Oval and is sponsored by Judo Canada, Alberta Sport Connection, Calgary Sport Tourism Authority and the Calgary Food Bank. This National Team Points event will be very exciting and will impact the points race amongst our most elite national athletes as they battle to qualify for the Rio Olympics this summer.

Competition begins May 12th with five kata events where competitors demonstrate the judo martial art forms that define technique, control, grace and strength. The remaining three days of competition will feature the most ambitious and talented athletes in the country fighting to apply throws, chokes, armlocks, and submission holds on their opponents in non-stop action for a top spot on the podium and to take home the honour of becoming the Canadian Open Judo Champion.

A huge number of spectators are expected to be present at the event throughout the four days. Tickets are available onsite the day of each competition.