Canadian Men’s Health Week: Minister Shandro

Men's Health Week

Minister of Health Tyler Shandro issued the following statement on Canadian Men’s Health Week:

“As we begin Canadian Men’s Health Week, I want to draw attention to some sobering statistics reported by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation:

  • more than 80 per cent of men say they are stressed by work and more than 60 per cent lose sleep over it  
  • 49 per cent don’t exercise enough
  • 62 per cent are unhealthy eaters
  • 20 per cent smoke
  • 75 per cent are borderline unhealthy or unhealthy

“The good news is that we can prevent 70 per cent of chronic diseases and conditions by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

“It’s no coincidence that Men’s Health Week falls in the week leading up to Father’s Day. Men’s health and well-being is important to their children, grandchildren, spouses and everyone who cares about the men in their life.

“As we relaunch our province, Alberta Health Services has begun to resume some screening and lab services that were temporarily reduced or paused in response to COVID-19. FIT testing for colorectal cancer screening is one of those services resuming this week. Colorectal cancer is one of the three most common cancers in males. If you are a man aged 50 to 74, speak with your doctor about whether this screening test is right for you.

“I encourage all men to celebrate this week by making small changes: drink more water, take a break from work, go for a walk and if you smoke, get help to quit.

“If you need help with any aspect of your health and well-being, especially during the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, see your doctor, visit, and find more tips at”