Canadian Armed Forces Sailor Named International Military Athlete of the Year

Ottawa – The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is proud to announce that Able Seaman (AB) Yvette Yong of the Royal Canadian Navy has been named International Military Female Athlete of the Year by the International Military Sports Council / Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM).

Able Seaman Yvette Yong is a Naval Communicator with HMCS York, Toronto’s Naval Reserve Division.

Established in 1948, CISM is the second largest multi-sport discipline organization after the International Olympic Committee, holding more than 20 competitions annually for the armed forces of 134 member countries. The award for International Military Female Athlete is presented in recognition of the most significant sports performance and the promotion of CISM values such as fair play, personal empathy, and discipline. This is the first time CISM has named a Canadian Armed Forces member International Athlete of the Year.

AB Yong, has been a rising star in the world of military sports and martial arts. She brought home the gold in the 2018 Pan American Taekwondo Championships where she represented the Canadian Armed Forces, and was ranked number one in the world in women’s fin weight category.

Through the military competitive sport program coordinated by Personnel Support Programs (PSP), a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, AB Yong won a gold medal last year at the CISM Taekwondo Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fitness and sports is an essential part of Canadian Armed Forces life, where being physically fit is an operational requirement. PSP Fitness and Sport programs support and allow members to maintain their fitness while creating opportunities for them to compete in sports at the local, national, and international level.

Able Seaman Yvette Yong won a gold medal last year at the CISM Taekwondo Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“Able Seaman Yong is a stellar example of the highest level of military athlete in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). We are proud be able to support her and her rigorous training. The PSP Fitness and Sports Program provides opportunities for our members to push themselves to excellence in their chosen sport.”

Denis Gaboury, Manager, Canadian Armed Forces Sports / DFIT / Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services

“We congratulate Able Seaman Yvette Yong of the Royal Canadian Navy on being named International Military Sports Council’s (CISM) Female Athlete of the Year. While upholding her commitment to serving her country, Able Seaman Yong embodies the spirit of our military in her sport: discipline, determination, perseverance, and strength. Through her accomplishments, she leads by example and is an inspiration to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces. We congratulate her on her award and thank her for her contribution to Canada’s defence and security.”

Brigadier-General Derek Macaulay, Commander 5th Canadian Division and Taekwondo Patron for the Canadian Armed Forces

“I am truly honoured to be announced CISM Female Athlete of the Year. This is a win for all of us [CAF Taekwondo Team and CFMWS] because of all of the support and organization, we made it all happen as a team. I’m so proud for us!”

Royal Canadian Navy’s Able Seaman Yvette Yong

“This is a historic achievement, not only for AB Yvette Yong as an athlete, but for the CAF Taekwondo Team. It gives me great personal reward to see our athletes receive the recognition they’ve worked so hard and deservingly to achieve amongst all CISM countries and sports. Well done, Yvette!”

Coach Grandmaster Choung

Quick facts

  • AB Yong joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 2010 and is now a Naval Communicator with HMCS York, Toronto’s Naval Reserve Division.
  • 2018 Achievements by AB Yong:
    • 2018 World Taekwondo Ranking #1
    • 2018 Pan American Championships – Gold Medal
    • 2018 Belgium Open – Gold Medal
    • 2018 German Open – Gold Medal
    • 2018 Pan American Open – Silver Medal
    • 2018 WT President’s Cup – Silver Medal
    • 2018 U.S. Open – Bronze Medal

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Source: National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces