Canadian Armed Forces Day

Canadian Armed Forces Day

Our Armed Forces: Statement from Premier Notley

On Canadian Armed Forces Day, Premier Rachel Notley issued the following statement acknowledging the brave men and women who defend our country and serve the cause of peace:

“Every year on the first Sunday in June, Albertans join Canadians across the country in expressing our gratitude and showing our support to the dedicated men and women who serve in Canada’s army, navy and air force.

“On the front lines of war, Canadians earned an international reputation for courage, ingenuity, determination and success. The Canadian military brings those same qualities to its peacekeeping duties in areas of conflict around the world.

“On Canadian Armed Forces Day, we are reminded that our freedoms come at the cost of service and sacrifice. We remember and honour those who dedicate their lives, and sometimes give their lives, for our protection. And we thank the spouses and families of our military, who share in the service and directly feel the loss.

“Here at home, our military fully represents our diverse society, is integral to our communities and stands ready to help when our safety is threatened by natural disaster. This includes Canada’s Reserve Force and cadet corps, which have a presence in almost every community.

“Many places across the country celebrate this day with parades, air shows and demonstrations where we can meet and talk with our Armed Forces personnel. Let’s be sure we thank them, and thank our neighbours who have served and who continue to serve.”

Photo: Pte Montpetit, 17 Wing Imaging, Winnipeg, MB