Canadian Angus Association Honours the Munton Family, Benchmark Angus for 50 Years of Membership

CAA Senior Director of Business Development BC/AB Brian Good presents the 50-year CAA Heritage Award to Doug Munton of Benchmark Angus

Rocky View County, AB-At their 22nd annual bull sale on April 2nd, Canadian Angus Association (CAA) member Benchmark Angus was honoured for 50 years of consecutive membership. CAA Senior Director of Business Development, BC/Alberta Brian Good presented the award to the Munton Family.

Angus cattle have been a part of the Munton family all their lives. Doug and his father Stanley began raising purebred Angus cattle in 1960, a tradition that is continued today by Doug and his son Michael.Doug bought his first Black Angus female in 1960 from Coalbridge Farms of Coaldale and then founded Alcan Angus. Benchmark Angus was formed when Michael graduated from Oklahoma State University.
Baros of Alcan Angus 40’73 was Champion Angus Bull at the Calgary Bull Sale and his genetics are prevalent today in such bulls as Cudlobe Stemwinder, GDAR Oscar 711, all the Crackerjacks and many, many more.
Today, Benchmark Angus has 300 Black Angus cows and 120 Red Angus cows. Very few purebred females are ever sold. The top end heifers each year go back into the cow herd.
The Canadian Angus Association offers sincere congratulations to the Munton Family and Benchmark Angus. It is because of the dedication of individuals and families like theirs that the agriculture industry continues to be an important sector in our nation today.
The Canadian Angus Association instituted a long-term recognition award program in 1998 to honour individuals and families that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the Angus breed in Canada by maintaining a continuous membership in the Association for at least 50 years. In 2011, the award program expanded to recognize families with 75 and 100 continuous years of membership.
The Canadian Angus Association is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization. The Association represents more than 2,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed HerdBook and promoting the breed across Canada. The member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed.