Canadian Angus Association Hires Commercial Angus Identification and Performance Program Coordinator

ROCKY VIEW COUNTY, AB – The Canadian Angus Association is pleased to welcome our newest staff member, Taylor Isley, who has been hired as the Commercial Angus Identification and Performance Program (CAIPP) Coordinator. This one-year internship is supported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Career Focus Program.

The Canadian Angus Association announced CAIPP in June at the second annual Carcass 101 event. Isley is working with Kajal Devani, Director of Breed Development, to formally launch the program in 2016. Through CAIPP, producers will record Angus-tagged animals with the Association and have the option to add pedigree and performance information to these animal records, including feedlot growth and carcass quality information.

“I’m really excited to help commercial producers market their cattle better through access to more performance information to market their calves to feedlots and their customers,” says Isley.

Devani adds, “CAIPP allows for individual performance and carcass quality information to be provided to breeders to help them make more informed selection decisions. I am excited to have Taylor with us for the next year.”

“I’m proud to have Taylor on board,” says Rob Smith, CEO. “We recognize the need for Canadian Angus members and their commercial customers to have access to carcass quality and performance information on their cattle. We created the Commercial Angus Identification and Performance Program to increase the value of the Angus tag to the Canadian beef industry.”

Isley, a purebred cattle producer from east of Calgary, holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Communications from Kansas State University.

The Canadian Angus Association is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization. The Association represents 2,700 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed Herd Book and promoting the breed across Canada. The member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed.