Canadian Angus Association 50, 75 and 100 Year Long-Term Recognition Awards Presented at National Convention


ROCKY VIEW COUNTY, AB – The Canadian Angus Association (CAA) honoured 550 years of membership at their National Convention banquet on Saturday, June 6, presenting six 50-year, two 75-year and one 100-year long-term recognition awards. The awards recognize breeders who have been a member of the Association for 50, 75 and 100 consecutive years. The long dedication of these producers to the Angus breed is essential to the overall success of the beef industry.

The Gibson Family, Alberta; the Steve Tofteland Family, Alberta; Spuceyvale Angus, Alberta; Allencroft Angus, Alberta; Gord Bradshaw, Alberta; and Aldo Pederzolli, Alberta were honoured for 50 years of continuous membership. The Bradshaw Family, Alberta; and Willabar Ranch, Alberta were recognized for 75 years of continuous membership. The C.H. Richardson Family/ Willow Park Farm was honoured for 100 years of continuous membership and commitment to the agriculture industry.

Ernest Gibson began raising a purebred Angus herd in 1965, which was originally a commercial operation. Over time, the commercial cows were all replaced by registered Angus cattle, which began the Everblack Angus herd at Vermilion, Alberta.

Steve and Hazel Tofteland founded Double A Stock Farms in 1967 near Valhalla Centre, Alberta. Today, Steve and Hazel are both retired and living on the same family homestead.

Laverne Lohr began his Angus herd, Spruceyvale, at age nine in 1965. Today, Laverne and his wife, Colleen, are still committed to Angus cattle, along with their children and grandchildren.

Allencroft Angus was established by Doug Allen and his wife, Joyce, in Meaford, Ontario. They operate today in Alberta, alongside the second and third generation of the Allen family.

Aldo Perderzolli purchased his first Angus cows in 1965. Today, at age 85, Aldo has returned to raising Angus cattle along with his grandson-in-law, Ashton Robertson. The ranch is located west of Medicine Hat, Alberta and continues to expand.

D.C Bradshaw began the “Meadowburn” herd in 1928. In 1949, the “Aberlynn” prefix was developed, and endured for 75 years. Today Gordon Bradshaw maintains the legacies of both herds in his own herd “Three D Angus.” Gordon has had Angus cattle registered to his name since he was a child, beginning in 1966.

Orrin Hart was just 18 when he launched Willabar Ranch in 1941. Orin, along with his wife, Margaret, operated and expanded the ranch and the herd throughout the years. Since his passing in 2013, Orrin’s granddaughter, Katie, maintains a small herd of Angus cattle carrying Orrin’s Willabar prefix.

The C.H. Richardson family, of Willow Park Farm, have a history with the Angus breed that spans over a century. Charles Henry Richardson and his wife, Maude, established the farm in 1914. Their grandson, Jim, and his wife Betty, operate Willow Park today and take great pride in the Angus cattle that remain at the farm.

Congratulations to the recipients of these awards. It is because of the dedication of these individuals and families that the agriculture industry continues to be an important aspect in our nation today.

The Canadian Angus Association is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization. The Association represents 2,700 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed Herd Book and promoting the breed across Canada. The member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed.