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Canada’s National Bird is………the Gray Jay

(Royal Geographical Society of Canada, photo by Steve Phillips)
(Royal Geographical Society of Canada, photo by Steve Phillips)

The Gray Jay, or Whiskey Jack, was chosen by popular vote as Canada’s National Bird. The Royal Geographical Society of Canada asked Canadians to choose the bird they felt would best represent our vast country back in January of 2015. By the time the “polls” closed at the end of August this year almost 50,000 people had voted! The top five birds were the Gray Jay, Common Loon, Snowy Owl, Canada Goose and Black-Capped Chickadee.

Once the popular votes were in a panel of experts were convened to make the final decision. The official recommendation was then made for the Gray Jay/Whiskey Jack to represent Canada and her National Bird. The Whiskey Jack can be found throughout most of Canada, doesn’t migrate in winter and is one of the most friendly birds you will meet. These facts and more make it a perfect choice!

You can read more about this pretty bird on the Canadian Geographic website or in the December 2016 issue of Canadian Geographic Magazine which is on newsstands now.

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