The Canada-Alberta Job Grant and Bow Valley College

If you are an Alberta Employer with an interest or need to develop the skillset of your workforce, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, in partnership with Bow Valley College, can help to develop your employee’s skillsets. The Job Grant enables funding to help address skills mismatches and ensures that your employees are being trained in high-demand areas.

  • Government funds 2/3rds of the costs associated with direct training – employers fund 1/3rd of the costs.
  • Government contributions can cover up to $10,000 per employee.
  • Employee must be a citizen of Canada or permanent resident.
  • Minimum of 25 hours per trainee within a 52 week period.
  • Employers have to use a third party training provider to deliver the training onsite, online or in a classroom setting. Bow Valley is partnering with the Government to enable local training provisions, help local employers through the process of gaining the funding they seek, and ensuring the training programs meet their needs.
  • For more information, contact June Diment, Regional Lead, Foothills Region, Bow Valley College – 403-422-0039 / 403-422-0039.