Calgary’s Sustainability Advantage: Building a Sustainable City in the New Economy

The Urban Alliance (a partnership between the University of Calgary & City of Calgary) and P2S Calgary are hosting a Round Table with a provocative line up of corporate and academic whos-who on March 2nd.

The Round Table event is designed to help decision makers identify trends, innovations, and solutions in urban design, energy, transportation, building, and community planning as Calgary transitions in the new economy to become a sustainable, livable, and resilient city!

The event includes a keynote by Bob Willard, renown author and expert on quantifying and selling the business value of corporate sustainability followed by a moderated panel of distinguished and potentially polarized speakers from Calgary’s corporate, government and academic sectors.

Presenters at this event include:

  • Chris Ollenberger, Chair of the Commercial Real Estate Board Calgary;
  • Rollin Stanley, General Manager of Planning with the City of Calgary;
  • Corinne Lyall, Past President & Board Member of the Calgary Real Estate Board;
  • Alan Smart, Professor of Geography at the University of Calgary; and
  • Gregory Morrow, Assistant Professor, EVDS & Haskayne at the University of Calgary.

This event will be moderated by a tag-team duo of Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra from Ward 9, and Noel Keough, a professor of sustainable design from the university of Calgary.

“Climate variation, a changing economy, and population growth are just some of the challenges facing municipalities across Canada” says Lisa Fox, Founder of Pathways 2 Sustainability, the group that is putting on this event, “we need to work across sectors to identify solutions and build strategies to create resilience in the city of the future”.

Pathways 2 Sustainability is a non-profit conference and round-table initiative run by the company Sustainability Resources Ltd. to advance solutions for sustainability. People can register for this event at