Calgary Zoo Reduces Waste by 50 Per Cent

Calgary, AB – Since rolling out its three-stream bins on Earth Day 2016, the Calgary Zoo has reduced the amount of its waste by 50 per cent or 103,869 kilograms in one year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 87 giraffes!

“We know visitors to the zoo care about the environment, and one small way they can help is by taking the 30 seconds to properly sort their garbage in the right bin. Visitors are surprised to learn the zoo has made a commitment to sell most products in compostable or recyclable containers to simplify disposal for guests,” said Peter Findlay, Director, Guest Services, Calgary Zoo. “Fifty per cent less waste is proof that small actions can lead to big changes to protect wild places.”

Twenty bins were installed throughout the zoo near food service areas, featuring signage to help guests determine what items go where. The Calgary Zoo’s Green Team is championing sustainability at the zoo, and one of the ways the team has made an impact is by leading waste diversion initiatives and are taking steps to improve through yearly waste audits.

Additionally, the waste diversion rate before the three-stream bins was 65 per cent and through these initiatives, has now risen to 79 per cent. That means visitors are disposing 14 per cent more products in compost or recycling, not in landfills. Less waste in landfills means more wild habitats are preserved and helps the zoo deliver on its mission to take and inspire action to sustain wildlife and wild places.

The Calgary Zoo continues to make great strides on other important operational changes taking on large projects for energy and water reduction to further support sustainability and reduce the zoo’s ecological footprint. To learn more about the Calgary Zoo’s sustainability initiatives visit

Source: Calgary Zoo