Calgary Students To Benefit From New Starter Schools To Address Enrolment Pressures


The Prentice government is partnering with the Calgary Board of Education to build four new starter schools.

“Student enrolment is growing right alongside Alberta’s increasing population. Calgary schools alone have a predicted growth of approximately 5,000 students a year, for the next seven years. With a $30.6 million investment in school infrastructure for Calgary, we can build classrooms immediately to address the pressing need.”

Jim Prentice, Premier of Alberta

The majority of the funding will be directed towards four starter schools that will be constructed in phases to get students into classes before the entire school is complete. The four Calgary starter schools will be located in:

  • West Springs/Cougar Ridge (west);
  • Saddle Ridge (northeast);
  • Cranston (southeast); and
  • Aspen Woods (west).

“Starter schools allow us to open classrooms more quickly, while continuing to add space for future enrollment. We will continue to work with all Alberta school jurisdictions to help address infrastructure needs in other high-growth areas.”

Gordon Dirks, Minister of Education

“These are the top-ranked schools in our capital plan and this Government of Alberta funding will help us to address significant growth in student population across our city. The CBE looks forward to working with the province to build these schools as quickly as possible.”

Board of Trustees Chair Joy Bowen-Eyre

The remainder of the funding will be directed towards modular classrooms for Westgate School to ensure the Spanish program can remain at its current location; and for the planning of a new high school in south Calgary.