Calgary Stampede Offers the Youth Development Opportunity of a Lifetime: Apply Now for the Poster Competition!

Calling young artists ages 15-24 years old from across Alberta! The Calgary Stampede and Calgary Stampede Foundation are excited to be offering the 2019 Calgary Stampede Poster Competition.

Celebrating the accomplishments of young Albertans, the 2019 Calgary Stampede Poster Competition invites young artists to submit their best works of art with the hope of being selected as a finalist to design the 2019 Calgary Stampede poster, take home their share of the $20,000 in educational scholarships and the opportunity to be mentored by local artists.

“The Stampede Poster is the oldest and most iconic work of art for the Stampede. It’s visible world-wide as the symbol for our organization for the year and is a vital part of our history,” explains Dana Peers, first vice-chairman of the Calgary Stampede. “The Calgary Stampede believes that youth are our future, and that strong youth means a stronger community. We’re always striving for new ways to engage and educate youth, and this is just one more way to make that happen.”

Our commitment to youth achievement and development

The Calgary Stampede has always been committed to youth achievement and several youth have already received various scholarships, such as Cat Rankin, who is a past runner-up of the Grade 12 Scholarship from the Stampede’s Western Art Showcase committee.

“My experience with the Calgary Stampede Art Scholarship has been monumentally beneficial for my drive and passion in the world of fine arts,” Rankin shared. “Since winning second place in the Western Showcase I started University in pursuit of a Fine Arts degree, where I have learned numerous skills that I hope to put towards creating more western themed art in the future. This experience has improved my awareness of current trends in art in Calgary and I look forward to continue creating art well into the future.”

The Grade 12 Art Scholarship program is an initiative that has helped numerous youth achieve incredible things in the arts community. This is just one reason why the Stampede had the idea to take an extra step further and create an additional arts scholarship, the Poster Competition.

Cat Rankin with her artwork that helped her win the second place scholarship prize.

How does the Poster Competition work?

The top eight youth in the Poster Competition will all receive scholarships, totaling a whopping $20,000. The first place winner will also design the 2019 Calgary Stampede Poster, something that is completely unique to the organization.

“We really switched it up this year,” Peers said with a smile. “There are so many things that our guests love about the Stampede that they know they can look forward to every year. But as an organization we’re always striving to heighten our guests’ experience and community participation. That’s why guests might be looking forward to their annual corn dog and find that one year it’s a pickle dog, and the next it’s a bacon dog. It’s still a corn dog, but it has an extra twist. That’s what we’ve decided to do with the 2019 Poster Competition and we’re so excited to see what ideas Alberta youth will come up with.”

Once the top eight are selected through the entry process, they will each create their vision of what the poster will look like. Perhaps one youth will draw an Indian Village Elder, while another photographs members of the Stampede Showband, while a third creates a graphic design image of the historic Calgary Stampede OH Ranch.

“The possibilities are endless, and we want to support youth in whatever passions they have, which is why all 2D mediums are accepted,” said Peers.

Photo Credit: Shaun Robinson / Calgary Stampede

Once the top eight are selected, they will be provided with free art supplies and mentorship opportunities to help them on their artistic journey. The Poster Competition is about more than the selection of a poster for the Calgary Stampede; the competition focuses on youth achievement and development by fostering and developing artistic skills. This program takes youth on a journey of craftsmanship, creation, development and growth, an experience just as valuable as claiming the top prize.

“I really encourage all youth in Alberta to apply,” said Rankin. “There’s always a winner, someone’s got to win, and that person just might be you!”

For more information, visit The deadline to apply is October 27, 2017. Open to Alberta residents age 15 to 24.

Source: Calgary Stampede