Calgary Police Service Launching Patrol Less Lethal Program

The Calgary Police Service will be launching a Patrol Less Lethal program in order to provide frontline officers with an additional tool to help safely resolve high-risk, critical incidents.

The Patrol Less Lethal program helps address a gap in the tools currently available to frontline officers. The Service will adopt the single-shot 37mm ARWEN ACE-T Less Lethal Launcher and ARWEN AR-1 Impact Baton.

“These systems provide patrol officers with the ability to create distance from high-risk persons while using sound tactics, communication skills, and de-escalation techniques,” said Staff Sergeant Jason Bobrowich, Patrol Less Lethal program lead. “This program is being implemented to help save lives.”

Significant time and resources went into researching, testing and implementing this extended range, less lethal weapon option. The systems will be rolled out in a phased approach beginning with 40 trained officers and 40 launchers distributed city-wide in summer 2018. By the end of 2019, 160 frontline officers will be trained and 80 systems available city-wide.

“Public and officer safety along with the sanctity of life remain the Service’s top priority,” continued Staff Sergeant Bobrowich. “Adopting the ARWEN Service-wide will change how frontline members work.”