The Calgary Police Service is happy to have assisted in returning a missing war medal to a British Army veteran.

15-12-02 British Army medal 2On Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015, the Calgary Police Service was contacted by a man living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, about his missing war medal that was being sold online by a Calgary business. The man had previously been honourably discharged from British Army after serving with the First Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Throughout his service, the man was awarded with several campaign medals for operational service, including a 2003 Iraq Campaign Service Medal.

Shortly after the man’s discharge in 2006, he discovered his Iraq medal was missing. Recently, the man was notified by a family member that his medal was being sold online through Calgary-based Arctic Medals.

Upon further investigation by CPS, it was discovered that the medal had been purchased in good faith by Arctic Medals several years ago through an auction. The company had no knowledge that the medals were missing. When officers notified the company’s owner, Arctic Medals provided the Iraq Campaign Service Medal to be returned to the owner.

“I am over the moon to get my medal back after all this time, nearly 10 years,” says Allan Marshall. “This particular medal holds tremendous sentimental value as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II personally presented the medal to me after my operational tour of Iraq. I want to thank members of the Calgary Police Service and Arctic Medals for helping me recover my medal.”

CPS detectives have since sent the medal back to the rightful owner.

“During this time of the year, and in light of recent current events, we all have to be appreciative for the valiant efforts and sacrifices of our young men and women serving overseas so that we can all enjoy our freedoms here at home and throughout the free world,” says Mike McMahon, owner of Arctic Medals. “Medals are a small token of appreciation from our monarch but rightfully mean a great deal to the individuals and families of those who earned them, often under very tragic circumstances. I was very happy to be able to return this valuable keepsake to its rightful owner, via the Calgary Police, who unfortunately had it stolen from him on leaving the British Army shortly after serving in the Iraq conflict.”

15-12-02 British Army medal