Calgary is Redefining Collaboration

Calgary is redefining its approach to cross-sector collaboration.

How will Calgary affordably accommodate  500,000 more people by 2020? How much agricultural land will we lose to urban sprawl? How can we promote innovation to solve these problems, while still being risk averse?

Hosted by Sustainability Resources and Brookfield Residential in the spirit of imagineCALGARY, the P2S Future Cities Conference will bring together 100 municipal decision makers, developers, and those on the frontlines of urban development to shape recommendations for sustainable development of our future cities.

The conversation around land use and long-term planning is wrought with conflict. Food security, energy security, and place-making to support social well-being are problems we can solve with innovative technologies and practices, but existing regulations are slow to adapt.

Speakers will inspire creative solutions and workshops will teach you new tools for overcoming the hurdles associated with collaboration.

Pathways 2 Sustainability (P2S) is a non-profit initiative made possible by a volunteer steering committee and the generosity of its sponsors. This conference is made possible with support from Brookfield Residential, the City of Calgary, ENMAX, Section23 Group, DIRTT Environmental Solutions, the Canadian Home Builders Association, and Safer Calgary.

Learn more about this initiative and register at:

Sustainability Resources is the founder and curator of Calgary’s Pathways 2 Sustainability initiative in partnership with Brookfield, the City of Calgary, Enmax, the Canadian Home Builders Association, and others.