The Calgary Fire Department Rescues a man from the Bow River

At approximately 8:40 this evening the Calgary Fire Department received reports of a man in the Bow River. Upon arrival, Engine One found a middle aged male in the river clinging to the ice shelf. The crew quickly donned life jackets and made their way out to the man. Due the strong current, the weight of his clothes as well as the slippery conditions, the crew was not able to remove him from the river at this time. They were however able hold him in place till the Aquatics Rescue team arrived minutes later. The victim was removed from the water and although very cold was conscious and breathing; he was in the freezing water for about 20 minutes. The CFD placed the man in a protective stretcher and by utilizing an extension ladder like a rail system were able to move him up the slippery snow covered bank to the waiting ambulance. The CFD would like to remind the citizens of Calgary to stay away from the river edges as the ice may be undercut by the current and is very dangerous.