Calgary Considering its Future Growth and Defining Resilience


In this vibrant city of over a million people we are building up, building out, and building down.

Our cities accommodate over 70% of the worlds growing population. In the case of Calgary, that’s going to mean that we need to accommodate another 500,000 people by 2020 (1).

In a future with the combination of extreme weather and rapid growth, there is new pressure to create resilience in all of our community assets, social structures, our local economy and our built environment.

Planning for this growth requires a lens that considers the questions “How do we create complete communities and address energy poverty, reduce high costs and time loss of transportation, and advance innovation and social well-being in our communities?

These are the questions being addressed at Calgary’s Future Cities Conference on June 19th where planners, developers, community leaders and politicians will identify barriers and opportunities for accelerating sustainable solutions for planning, transportation, housing and energy efficiency.

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