Calgary 2026 BidCo Announces Draft Hosting Plan Concept

Together we will shape the Games

CALGARY, ALBERTA, SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 – Calgary 2026 Bid Corporation today released details of the draft Hosting Plan Concept it intends to discuss with Calgarians leading up to a municipal plebiscite on November 13, 2018. Drawing on previous exploratory work, Calgary 2026 has conducted a rigorous analysis utilizing subject matter experts in Games operations and urban development to present the community with Calgary’s proposed bid framework for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

With all orders of government, including the Town of Canmore, the Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, government secretariats and others, Calgary 2026 has developed a responsible, cost-effective draft Hosting Plan Concept that aligns to the spirit of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Agenda 2020, the progressive new roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement. Calgary intends to welcome the world with open arms to a region that is unique in its mix of legacy winter sports facilities, its proven ability to host major international events, and its enviable volunteer spirit.

The draft Hosting Plan Concept for Calgary 2026 outlines the investment required for the two distinct aspects of hosting the Games. First is the investment in the Games operations and the second is investment required to build and renew legacy infrastructure, which will have a long-term benefit to Calgarians.

The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games require an investment of approximately $2.45 billion¹, which will be 91% privately funded through revenue from the IOC, domestic sponsorship and ticket sales. Given the importance of the Paralympic Movement and the Paralympic Games to Canadians, a government contribution will be budgeted for the remaining nine percent to reflect the governments’ commitment to ensure the Paralympics Games are an aligned and inclusive event. It is a common practice for governments to make contributions to the Paralympic Games.

Canadian public investment from all orders of government will renew and modernize eight (8) existing facilities in Calgary and three (3) mountain facilities including many venues from the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. The investment provides for the return of Alberta’s legacy facilities to world-class, fully accessible standards and will strengthen Calgary, Canmore and the Bow Valley’s position as Canada’s winter sports centre of excellence for another 30 years.

Given that the 2026 Olympic Winter Games will have approximately twice as many events as the 1988 Games and that Calgary will host its first Paralympics Games, the plan also highlights construction of two (2) new facilities in Calgary – a mid-sized arena as well as a fieldhouse that can accommodate the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and be converted to a summer multisport facility post Games. The fieldhouse has been a priority for The City of Calgary for many years.

Public investment will support new athletes’ villages in Calgary and in the nearby mountain town of Canmore as well as significant additions to Calgary’s stock of social, seniors, Indigenous and student housing. Post Games, the villages will be converted into much needed affordable and market housing. Essential services and security will be funded through public investment, as they are for everyday activities and other large events where crowds gather. Calgary 2026 has also included a publicly funded legacy fund for sport and culture programming for years to come.

The total proposed public investment for Paralympic Games contribution, legacy infrastructure and programs and essential services amounts to approximately $3 billion¹ that will be split between the three orders of government. The budget estimate includes generous operating and capital contingencies totaling over $1.1 billion² to mitigate risk leading up to and including the delivery of the Games.

“The right plan will raise awareness about Calgary and region, create jobs, drive economic growth, boost tax revenues, draw arts and culture investment, and bolster our tourism sector,” said Mary Moran, CEO, Calgary 2026 BidCo.

Calgary 2026 BidCo is committed to transparency and public engagement in the year leading up to the awarding of the Games in September 2019. “Together we will deliver a responsible Games bid with a shared vision of the future for Calgary, Canmore, Alberta and Canada,” said Scott Hutcheson, Chair, Calgary 2026 BidCo.

The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games offers an opportunity for athletes to inspire the world while showcasing Canada’s rich culture and inclusive society, including reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples and truly equal opportunity

The mandate of Calgary 2026 Bid Corporation is to support and promote the development of sport and amateur athletics in Canada through the development and promotion of a bid to hold the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in the City of Calgary, the Town of Canmore and surrounding and other areas as needed to host the Games and, in particular, to develop, co-ordinate and present to the International Olympic Committee a bid to have the City of Calgary named as the host city to stage the Games.

1 2018 dollars
2 As spent dollars for 2019-2026

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