Cabinet ministers take five per cent pay cut; MLAs asked to follow suit

Effective February 1, cabinet ministers will voluntarily take a five per cent wage reduction as part of their commitment to exercising fiscal discipline in these challenging times.

“While work on our overall budget challenges is ongoing, Albertans are clearly telling us that they expect their political representatives to be part of the solution. All members of cabinet understand how crucial it is to lead by example, and for political representatives not to ask anyone to accept any measure we would not accept ourselves.”

~ Premier Jim Prentice

In addition, the Vice Chair of the Members’ Services Committee, George VanderBurg, will prepare a motion for next week’s committee meeting recommending that MLAs take the same five per cent reduction.

“Our members appreciate that these are times of restraint. I anticipate full support from MLAs who are hearing from their constituents about the need for us all to show leadership and restraint.”

~ George VanderBurg, MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne