Building a New Alberta Advantage: Jean announces policy to grow the economy, return to balance

Brian Jean announces Rebuild the Alberta Advantage policy and receives endorsements from UCP MLA Leela Aheer and business leaders Rick Doman and Bill Sembo.

CALGARY, AB: Reducing taxes for families and businesses, cutting back red tape, repealing anti-growth NDP legislation, and balancing the budget within three years highlight Brian Jean’s plan to build a new Alberta Advantage and grow the economy.

The policy, Here for Albertans: Securing our Economic Future, was announced today in Calgary. The full policy can be read online here.

The policy is a bold new vision for the province that will lead to over $3,300 in tax savings and wage earnings for families, create over 35,000 new jobs in the private sector and generate billions in new revenue from economic growth.

“This is a common sense plan that puts the interests of the working men and women of this province above the interests of government insiders and special interests. For the past two years, the NDP has been tearing Albertans down, it’s time we build them back up,” Jean said. “My plan builds a new Alberta Advantage that will lead to massive tax savings for families, unleash the unbridled potential of our economy, and send a strong message that the time of big government in Edmonton is over.”

Brian Jean’s tax plan includes:

  • Immediate repeal of the NDP carbon tax, and legal challenge of the Trudeau federal carbon tax

  • Introduction of a child-tax benefit once the budget is balanced

  • A 50 per cent drop in the small business tax from 2 per cent to 1 per cent

  • Reducing business taxes from 12 per cent to 10 per cent over a two year period to make Alberta the most competitive place in Canada to do business

The NDP and Trudeau carbon tax at $50/tonne will shrink Alberta’s economy and drain thousands of dollars out of the pockets of families.

Despite promising increased revenues from jacking up taxes, the NDP 2016 budget saw a nearly $1 billion loss in income taxes.

Jean’s vision to unleash Alberta’s industries include:

  • Cutting red tape across government by one-third

  • Ending the NDP’s cap on emissions

  • Repealing Bill 6

“The NDP has been busy apologizing for Albertans and our industries. I will champion workers across our province and get them back to work,” Jean said.

To build a new Alberta Advantage will require making one of the most expensive governments in Canada affordable.

Jean’s plan includes:

  • A commitment to balance within three years

  • An immediate $2.6 billion in cuts to the size of government

  • Reducing the number of managers across government and AHS

  • Reducing the size of government through early retirements and attrition

  • Securing contract changes so that new workers are hired on at more affordable pay rates similar to other provinces

“I am here for all Albertans looking for a common sense economic and fiscal plan that shrinks the size of government and releases the unbridled potential of our economy,” Jean said.

The document in full can be read here.

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