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Building for Alberta’s Future

Education Minister David Eggen visited students who will be among the first to attend the future Dr. Anne Anderson School in southwest Edmonton.

Minister Eggen and Edmonton Public School Board vice chair Bridget Stirling with students at Dr. Lila Fahlman School announce the new Dr. Anne Anderson School.

Edmonton’s rapid growth has highlighted the need for a new high school in the city. The Government of Alberta is investing $79 million to build the Dr. Anne Anderson School to provide space for up to 1,800 Edmonton students. The school will have the capacity to expand and accommodate up to 2,400 students in the future. The school is in the planning stage and on track to open in 2021. The City of Edmonton will contribute an additional $5.5 million to the project.

“Our kids deserve to learn and grow in modern classrooms. We owe it to them and their families to ensure they are learning in good schools. That’s why this government is keeping its promises when it comes to investing in school construction. Thousands of students are now learning in new or modernized schools across Alberta as part of the largest infrastructure build in the province’s history.”

~David Eggen, Minister of Education

“Dr. Anne Anderson School meets the needs of families in one of Canada’s fastest-growing and youngest cities. Public education is a key Edmonton edge as we compete internationally for newcomers.”

~Don Iveson, mayor, City of Edmonton

“We are thankful to the government for the funding for Dr. Anne Anderson School as our district’s infrastructure needs, particularly at the high school level, continue to be great. This new space will provide a safe, welcoming learning environment for thousands of students for years to come.”

~Michelle Draper, board chair, Edmonton Public Schools

The Government of Alberta has funded 244 school capital projects since May 2015. These projects will have created or modernized approximately 170,000 student spaces by the time they are all complete.

There are approximately 700,000 students in Alberta’s K-12 classrooms this school year, and that number is expected to grow by about 15,000 students each year for a number of years to come.

Dr. Anne Anderson was an Albertan who was instrumental in preserving the Cree language and promoting Métis heritage across Canada.

The minister visited students at Dr. Lila Fahlman School, a K-9 school in southwest Edmonton that was completed in September 2017 with a provincial investment of approximately $22 million. Students from this school and others are expected to attend grades 10 to 12 at the Dr. Anne Anderson School once completed.

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