Build Your Own Engagement Ring

Build your own unique engagement ring jewelry can be exciting, particularly when you construct your own engagement ring, design your own stud earrings or design your own moissanite pendants. The plan of your own procedure is simple, intuitive, and fun. It may actually be addictive! The stunning 3HD PlayerTM and Virtual LoupeTM will help you determine which gemstones and setting are just perfect. The beginning is a breeze – choosing your setting or choosing moissanite.

Build your own engagement ring setting

Once you have determined which kind of setting you want to construct your own engagement ring, you can sort them by price and metal. If you have a strict budget in mind, this is a great way to limit your choices. With regard to metal sort, there is no definite choice.  You can usually choose the metal that appears most often in your friends or other important jewelry collections.

Build your own engagement ring & choosing a Moissanite

Once you have chosen the setting to build your own engagement ring, stud earrings, or moissanite pendant, it’s an ideal opportunity to locate your perfect moissanite. For this reason, it may be useful to understand the 4 Cs of moissanite. When utilizing the moissanite selector tool:

First, choose the shapes: Round, Princess, Emerald, Square Emerald, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart, Marquis, or Cushion. Second, select a color: D, E, F, G, H, I, or J. Third, choose clarity: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, Si1, SI2 or I1. Fourth, select pieces: True Hearts, Ideal, Premium, or Both. Then select the carat size and price range for your design

 Your Final Design Your Own Ring / Studs / Pendant

After choosing the setting that suits your design and the perfect moissanite, you will be taken to a page that provides you with all the detailed information about the design, customized moissanite engagement ring, stud earrings, or moissanite pendant. Here, you can use our 3HD PlayerTM and Virtual LoupeTM to check your custom design. You can also browse similar items recently purchased items to build your own engagement ring. You may ask your companions on Facebook – from a list of up to five engagement rings, they would suggest which engagement ring for you or someone you love.

How to build your own engagement ring


Set a budget. Construct your own engagement ring is frequently more expensive than buying a pre-designed by a jeweler. Choose whether you are going to squander moissanite, however, keep on your decision of metal or complicated settings options. Factor in the cost of the wedding ring, just as an extra stone and cut into your final purchase wedding jewelry.

Compare prices between the Internet and store jewelry boutique. Type the words “build engagement ring” into your preferred internet browser and choose jewelry online. Use the tool engagement rings website to choose the type of gemstone, settings, and carat. Use quotation as a starting point to complete your ring budget and a comparison between the purchase prices with the jewelry store website.

Determine the bride’s style. If your bride is hungry for a two-carat moissanite solitaire engagement ring, and you choose a simple wedding ring without any sparkle, then your future wife will be a disappointment. Observe her jewelry at any time to prevent the wrong choice of engagement ring. Utilize the pieces to guide purchasing your engagement ring.

The metal and the setting for the engagement ring. Stone can be set in platinum, titanium, white gold or yellow gold. Platinum is the most expensive option for a wedding ring. Titanium, however, is not as adaptable as other metal options. This does not allow jewelry to create complex designs on metal tape.

Concentrate on 4c. If you buy moissanite be familiar with its cut, color clarity, and carat weight. The four classifications determine the price, brilliance, and quality gemstones.  The carat weight of a large stone may be higher, but the consideration and imperfections can make a stone cloudy and produce a brilliance effect.

Choose your stone carefully. If you decide to build your own engagement rings, you can sell loose moissanite jewelry randomly. Internet is additionally loaded with full of new sites that sell loose stones. Buyers must choose their stones carefully. Purchasing loose rock is a risky proposition for buyers who could not identify imperfections or quality over the Internet.

Choose a piece of experienced jewelry. Engagement rings can’t be made by simply buying online, but they are handcrafted by jewelry as a lifetime keepsake for the bride. Leading jewelry should be consulted before buying the ring if you build an engagement ring online in face- to- face.

Finally, you may wish to read customer reviews or check all specifications from build your own engagement ring.