Build Schools, Protect our Teachers and Reduce Class Sizes

The PCs made your kids’ education too dependent on the price of oil

Now they want to raise your taxes while they cut your kids’ education. Their new budget provides no funding for the 12,000-19,000 new students that are expected to enroll in public education. In fact, it does not provide funding for any of the growth expected over the next three years.

“The finance minister would have you believe that students will not be harmed by this budget, but school boards will be unable to handle these funding cuts without increasing class sizes and eliminating staff who provide crucial support services to students and teachers.”

Alberta Teachers’ Association President, Mark Ramsankar

No New Teachers to Staff New Schools

Evanston - no schoolThe PC budget does not provide any new funding to cover the teachers required to staff new schools. Presumably, the teachers will be cut from existing schools.

After Years of Delays, Latest Schools Promised Already Behind Schedule

Despite announcements and re-announcements of new schools Gordon Dirks and the PCs are failing to live up to their promises. Numerous new schools promised for September 2016 by the PCs are already behind schedule.

Education Minister Gordon Dirks Has Failed To Protect Students

In addition to the overall cuts to public education, the new budget actively targets the most vulnerable students with even further cuts: First Nations, English Language Learners and students with special needs. These cuts will be felt by students, reducing the time and attention each student receives from their teacher.

Instead of standing up to protect students, the Education Minister is asking students to pay for the PC government’s fiscal mismanagement. Instead of offering solutions on how school boards can maintain the quality of education, Gordon Dirks is asking school boards to be “creative.”

The Alberta Party has a better way.

Alberta has the potential to fix the broken revenue system the PCs created, starting by reducing our dependence on oil and gas royalties and implementing a “smart” infrastructure investment plan. Our province has the resources needed to give our kids the education they need to succeed.

That is why the Alberta Party will stand up for students against the PC cuts to education.

We will fight to build schools, protect our teachers and reduce class sizes…

1. Reverse the PCs’ cuts to education and guarantee per-student funding to match population growth and inflation.

The Alberta Party will stand up for students to ensure they receive the education they deserve with class sizes that are inline with recommended guidelines for optimal learning. We will fight to make sure new schools are fully funded with teaching staff so that teachers are not cut from existing schools.

2. Invest in new schools to keep pace with Alberta’s population growth.

The Alberta Party will ensure there are enough classrooms for Alberta’s growing student population and that government makes the necessary investments to build future infrastructure.

3. Phase out school fees.

The Alberta Party will work to phase out school fees, which have tripled in the last four years, despite mostly unchanged fees across the rest of Canada.

4. Reduce taxpayer subsidies to private schools that do not serve the public interest.

The Alberta Party will work to reduce the up to 70% subsidy that private schools in Alberta currently receive from the government and use it towards public education. The Alberta Party would continue to support the funding of private schools that serve a public interest, such as Designated Special Education Private Schools.

The Alberta Party has a better way.

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Source The Alberta Party