Bring Your Swimsuits – Spray Park Will Be Open

By Pam Jones, Editor.

The Grand Opening of the Foothills Lions Family Spark in Turner Valley happens at noon tomorrow – Saturday, May 30th 2015. The new park is located behind the Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool on Main Street.

The official opening will be attended by John Barlow, MP, local Municipal Dignitaries and Adminstration, Foothills Lions Club members and a ton of excited kids! There will also be cake to mark the occassion after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

After three years in the making, $765,000 and over 4,000 hours from volunteers the finished product is awesome! The Town of Turner Valley provided the land, $223,000 in infrastructure and $125,000 towards the facility and will take over ownership of the park on May 30th.

Barry Crane, Chair of the Foothills Lions Club Spray Park Committee, qipped, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the time I’ll have on my hands…but I’m sure my wife will find something!” It has been a long process, at times plagued with problems, but the committee forged ahead and found a way.

One innovative way to raise some of the funds was by selling clay tiles. Community members, organizations and businesses bought tiles and with the help of the Sheep Creek Arts Council and Karla Powell the tiles were painted and fired.They were then installed on the walls outside of the new changing rooms building at the park.  In the photograph below Barry Crane is seen putting the finishes touches of grout to one of the display boards.

2015-05-29 Spray Park IMG_2234 The Family Spray Park, which is 31,000 sq.ft. in size is surrounded by grass for picnicking or just soaking up the sun. The 15,000 sq. ft. of sod for the grass area was laid in less than two hours thanks to all the people who came out to help.

So grab your suits and towels and meet at the Park at noon tomorrow – the forecast is favourable!

2015-05-29 Spray Park IMG_2234 (2)2015-05-29 Spray Park IMG_2234 (1)