Brian Jean Wins First UCP Leadership Debate

CALGARY, AB: September 22nd, Brian Jean won the United Conservative Party’s first leadership debate. Brian Jean brought his bold, positive vision for Alberta to the debate and didn’t back down to mudslinging and those trying to drag him down, UCP Chestermere-Rocky View MLA Leela Aheer said.

Throughout the leadership race Brian Jean hasn’t been afraid to discuss his priorities on policy, releasing a full policy platform early on with priorities on equalization, education policy, health care policy, justice system reform, accountability and democratic reform, and rebuilding Alberta’s economy. It’s why the last eight major independent, scientific polls show that Brian Jean has a significant lead to not only win the United Conservative Party leadership race, but save Albertans from the NDP and win seats in every region of Alberta.

“Our campaign is gaining momentum across Alberta and our main opponent knows it,” Aheer said. “He has chosen to condone misinformation and risk the conservative unity we all fought so hard for.”

Jean launched his United Conservative Party leadership campaign in July and has received the support of 11 of his former Wildrose caucus colleagues including MLAs Pat Stier, David Schneider, Wayne Anderson, David Hanson, Todd Loewen, Tany Yao, Don MacIntyre, Glenn van Dijken, Ron Orr, Leela Aheer and Angela Pitt.

“Brian won’t back down when the going gets tough. This debate is proof,” Aheer said. “My 10 caucus colleagues and I have seen the overwhelming outpouring of support for Brian’s campaign across the province and know that not only will Brian secure the UCP leadership next month but save Albertans from the NDP in 2019, win seats in every region of Alberta and elect a government that’s here for Albertans.”