Brian Jean Launches Electoral Plan for 2019

EDMONTON, AB: Monday, Brian Jean launched his plan to make United Conservatives competitive in every constituency across Alberta in the next provincial election, set for May 2019. Jean released the following statement regarding the plan:

“If I’m granted the honour of leading this party, every single seat in this province will be in play. For too long, conservatives have accepted the myth that certain regions of Alberta are off the table in a general election.

“I’m here today telling you that all 87 seats will be within grasps for the United Conservatives in the next election. That is why I will immediately ask the party to begin election readiness preparations.

“Election readiness means supporting and establishing our constituency associations that will immediately begin candidate recruitment efforts. It will also mean directing the party to form a committee tasked with building up our electoral war chest, and as soon as policy is passed by members at the first policy convention, establishing the process for writing the election platform.

“Combined with the right leader, this election readiness plan will ensure we defeat the NDP in every region of the province in 2019. But we will need to begin work right away, and under my leadership, we will do exactly that.”