Brian Jean Condemns Prentice Arrogance


FORT MCMURRAY, AB – Wildrose leadership candidate Brian Jean released the following statement in response to Premier Jim Prentice’s comments blaming Albertans for the fiscal and management failures of his PC government:

“Jim Prentice says that Albertans should ‘look in the mirror’ to see who is responsible for Alberta’s current financial mess. If Mr. Prentice’s mirror is working, he will see his cabinet, his caucus, and his party staring back at him. They, and they alone, are to blame.

“The PCs created this mess. When times were good and revenues routinely hit record highs, the PCs squandered away what they should have saved. Now, not only is Mr. Prentice going to raise taxes for hard-working Albertans, he’s inexplicably blaming them for his own government’s poor record.

“On a personal note, I find it arrogant that a guy who charged the Alberta taxpayer over $5 million in legal fees is lecturing everyday Albertans on having the best of everything and not living within their means. PC governments has been very good to Jim Prentice. If Premier Prentice has any humility, he will apologize to Albertans.”