Breathe New Life into Old Rusty Items

As many homeowners can attest, summer is by far the best time to take on DIY projects around the home. From major renovations to minor repairs, getting to work just seems easier with a nice warm breeze.

This renewed summer feeling also brings out the desire for homeowners to take inventory of their items, especially deciding what can stay and what must go. But before you scrap old items like rusted bikes or broken down wagons, consider an ‘upcycle’ project instead. Millions of Canadians are joining the upcycling trend by updating old outdoor items, and it can be easier than you think with the right tools.

Upcycling Outdoors

81829aH One of the biggest issues homeowners run into with outdoor pieces is rust and water damage. When items such as bikes, gazebos or even iron fences are left to endure winter weather, they can accumulate rust patches and corrosion, which are not only an eyesore, but can reduce the life span of the structure. One simple solution when working with rusted items is to improve the look and protect from further damage with a high-quality rust paint, such as Tremclad.

“That one product has been around for decades helping so many treasured items last longer,” says Lawrence Genga, the senior director of marketing and research and development at Rust-Oleum Consumer Brands Canada. “The science behind Tremclad works to penetrate rust and help inhibit further occurrence.”

When using a rust product, the most important quality to look for is durability. The more durable your product, the less you will have to apply in the long run and the better protection your item will have from further water damage.

Another key consideration when doing outdoor projects? The weather. Not just when it comes to the durability of your project, but when applying your paint or products. Be sure to follow temperature instructions closely and select days with low wind for best results on your next upcycle project.