Break & Enters in the Foothills

The High Country Rural Crime Watch Association want to let you know about a few Break & Enters that have occurred recently. 

We have heard from the RCMP and from a victim of one of the B&Es, who gave us a some details. 

1.       There was a residential Break and Enter in mid-September 2019 to a residence on 192 Street W in Foothills.  Items stolen include: jewellery, service medals and a WW1 firearm.  RCMP Forensics Identification Section have attended to assist.  This matter is still under investigation.

2.       Overnight on October 13, 2019, a Break & Enter took place at the Water’s Edge in Priddis.  This is still under investigation by RCMP. 

HCRCWA posted the following on Facebook:  Our local Priddis Water’s Edge Pub was vandalized and broken into over night.  Please be on the lookout!  If you see or hear anything that could help find out who did this, please call our local RCMP at: 403.933.4262. Our friends Cory and Jane have to deal with this – let’s share the word to help keep watch and stop these guys.  More details from Jane:

More from the owner on October 14: … late last night, a gang broke into the pub. They attached a tow strap to the ATM and tried to drag it out, but failed. They then did a lot of damage as they smashed all our cameras, tore out all of our computer equipment attached to the security system, and took some cash and liquor.  They smashed our door as well, but thanks to some fantastic neighbors we have covered it with wood for the time being until we can get some glass people in.  The pub will be open again tomorrow at normal hours. Disregard the board.  I am attaching some security video as well. Its a long shot but if that truck looks familiar to anybody please contact the police.  These thieves also hit and damaged both the Powderhorn and Rockies in Bragg Creek last night.  Security video:

With Best Regards from your HCRCWA