From My Bookshelf: Wally Lamb

By Lynn Willoughby

I’ll Take You There ~ Wally Lamb
I have not been disappointed yet by this author but the beginning of this book was so odd I almost quit. I am so glad I didn’t!
Ghosts, old silent films and the history of the cinema didn’t seem to be something one could write a novel around. But, true to Lamb’s form, the novel is really about politics, pop culture, beer sales and the art of advertising, and also family secrets. It is character driven and really a very good read.
Time for Felix is somewhat nebulous and as the action switches back and forth between his childhood in the 1950s and 60s to present day, the story unravels. While it is not always a pleasant walk down memory lane for Felix – I rather enjoyed the simple pleasures of those early days. The bickering between siblings, the family dinners which often disintegrated into bun fights, the clothes, the movies the children were allowed to see, the price of popcorn – all are very familiar.
If you are a movie buff, or an admirer of strong, resilient women you will love this book. The sections where Felix is speaking like the child he is, add to the authenticity of the storyline. If this reminds you of a young adult book, persevere – it does become worhtwhile. Lamb is able to write about women in a way that makes you understand why he volunteers as a writing facilitator at a women’s prison. He gets women!
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…………..and several others
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