From My Bookshelf: Sarah Pelekanan

By Lynn Willoughby
Things You Won’t Say ~ Sarah Pelekanan
The perfect husband, the ideal family – Jamie thinks her life is wonderful.  But her husband, Mike, is a cop and when his longtime partner is shot, Mike becomes an invisible casualty.  Then things get worse.
When we depend upon others for our security and happiness, when we think we are in control, life has a way of giving us a reality check and it usually isn’t pretty.  This is exactly what happens to Jamie.  No matter how she tries to fix things, she only makes everything worse. The more tightly she holds on to Mike, the more he pushes her away.  As she falls further and further into desperation and depression her children, her home and her marriage spiral with her.
I didn’t like Jamie very much in this novel.  She seems to have no friends, nor any kind of life of her own.  She just isn’t very interesting.  The side story of her sister Lou – while not contributing much to the advancement of the plot, is much more real.  Lou and her flaws, her interests and her love of elephants, her job at the zoo make her a much more rounded and complete person.
Mike too is very one dimensional and I couldn’t feel the empathy for him that would have made this book a really good read.  The reviews talked about “twists and turns” in the plot, but for me it just plodded along from A to B.
I haven’t read any other books by this author, but don’t have any plans to do so.  There are so many good books to read, I will move on from this author.
  • The Opposite of Me
  • Catching Air
……………..and several others
Who Knew?
A musth elephant is extremely dangerous to both humans and other elephants.  In India they are typically tied to two strong trees and denied food and water until the musth passes – in five to eight days.  In Western nations this method is not approved so the bull elephant is isolated for two months until he emerges from musth on his own.  He is not allowed to even see another elephant during this time.