From My Bookshelf: Rick Bass

By Lynn Willoughby

For a Little While ~ Rick Bass

“Bass hasn’t been writing just to save our wild places, but to save what’s wild and humane and the best withing us.” Smith Henderson, New York Times
This is a selection of short stories from a well known environmentalist.  He is a master at showing us that nature cannot be tamed. His stories do not always have happy endings but are always fascinating. He forces us to look at the world, not as the top of the food chain, but that we humans really succeed at the whim of nature. That we are, in fact, animals.
“Maybe a good story is like a rock, always changing its impact on the reader a life sediments are deposited, heated, cooled and eroded over the years.  No rock is ever finished.”
This book is for outdoor enthusiasts, or those of us who simply love nature. The stories are varied in subject, in setting and in time. However, the common thread is how fleeting our lives are. Don’t miss your opportunities, your transitions, your relationships and the complications of life. Take a moment to breathe as life is short.
  • – Winter
  • – Oil Notes
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Who Knew?

“Probably no writer since Hemmingway has written about man – in – nature more beautifully or powerfully that Rick Bass.” ~ Dallas Morning News

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