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From My Bookshelf: Lydia Cohen Lorgman

By Lynn Willoughby

The Two Family House ~ Lydia Cohen Lorgman

Two brothers, Abe and Mort, run the family business in Brooklyn. They marry and for the sake of economy, they purchase a house together. Abe, Helen and their family live upstairs. They eventually have four rambunctious boys, who continuously irk their Uncle Mort and Aunt Rose.
Rose wants nothing more than to please her difficult, sour, unhappy husband. Their three daughters, especially the studious Judith, can NEVER please their father. They are afraid of Mort and everyone is always walking on eggshells.
Then on the night of a huge blizzard, when the men are away, no ambulances are running, and the blowing snow has brought their world to a standstill, two babies are born in that house. Life returns to normal and everyone is delighted. Mort finally has a son. Abe’s daughter Natalie is the light of his life. But the deep friendship between Helen and Rose begins to unravel.
The question here is “who is your family”? All of the children move in and out of both homes, their families celebrate holidays together, the sisters in law have a deep and trusting friendship, the bond between the brothers deepen and they become closer.
As expected, cracks appear. Each family moves to their own home. Everyone grows older and Abe suffers a heart attack. The question now becomes – “if your family lies to you, are they still your family”? (personally I think your family is much greater and more meaningful than genetics).
I enjoyed this book and there is a lot of introspection required of the reader. It will make you rethink your own family history.
This is a debut novel.

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