From My Bookshelf: Linwood Barclay

By Lynn Willoughby
Never Look Away ~ Linwood Barclay
Every once in awhile, especially in summer or when one is not feeling great, an easy read is just what I need. This is one of those novels.
David Harwood, his wife Jan and four year old son Ethan are at an amusement park one warm summer day.  It seems ideal to be spending the day with your family.  And then things go horribly wrong!  Jan disappears, and small town reporter David is the prime suspect.
Where ever David turns, whatever he says, whoever he turns to seems to make him ever more suspect. But David is the protagonist, he loves his wife, he is a good guy.  He can’t be a killer!
As the story moves along, the lack of a body has the lead detective asking other questions.  Also, his gut tells him that David has been set up – all the ends are too neatly tied up.  So, who are the black hats?
It is a great read for a thriller.  There are twists, we worry about David, we feel especially bad for his son, we even experience David’s rage and the rampage in his home.  But the questions keep coming.
The ending is gripping, so enjoy this book by the fire or at the lake.
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