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From My Bookshelf: John Hart

By Lynn Willoughby

Down River ~ John Hart

This mystery had great potential but as it went along it became more and more predictable.  A large family ranch with a blended family and lots of money is the setting.  How could that go wrong?
Adam is the estranged son, living in New York city.  He gets a call from his childhood friend to come home, things are going wrong.  And within hours of his return, Adam is beaten, confronted angrily by his family, accused by his ex-girlfriend.  Then there is a body, and all Adams fears and demons return.
He was once tried for murder and acquitted, but even after five years away people are either on his side of the fence or the other side.  His girlfriend Robin finally gets on board, but North Carolinians still see him as privileged and entitled and the spoiled son of a wealthy land owner.  That’s how I saw him too.  He was never very likable.  He is always angry about things, and always sees the worst possible outcome in any situation.  He is a very dark character.
However, the real story here is the basic question many struggle with.  Can we ever truly go home again?
One reviewer says “What other books did you think were as good as this one? If the answer includes John Grisham, tread carefully.”  That pretty much sums it up for me.
  •  Redemption Road
  •  The King of Lies
…………….and others

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