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From My Bookshelf: D. LawDog

By Lynn Willoughby

The LawDog Files – D. LawDog

This novice writer has a way with words that I found extremely funny.  While the subject matter is dark – he is a Sheriff’s Deputy in Bugscuffle Texas. He often works in the prison system as well.  His talent lies in how he tells the stories taken from his daily reports and his blog.
He chronicles his encounters with lethal Chihuahuas, naked bikers, prison tattoo artists using staples as their trade tools, and suicidal drunks.  And, he manages to make all of this very funny.  LawDog has a self-deprecating manner and will often insert “sigh” after receiving his orders.  Because it is a small town and he knows everyone, he tells one kid to “go home to his grandmother’s house while I put out this fire.  I will deal with you later.”
LawDog is sympathetic to the less fortunate, speaks one on one to many repeat offenders – who repeat and repeat and repeat.  This is truly a psychology lesson in small town Texas, full of wit and humour.  There is a file on the amorous armadillo, a Dick Cheney – style pheasant hunt, a murderous animatronic Santa Claus and the pink gorilla suit.  If you want a laugh this summer, read “The LawDog Files”.

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