From My Bookshelf: D. Lawdog

From My Bookshelf: D. Lawdog

By Lynn Willoughby

The Lawdog Files: African Adventures ~ D. Lawdog

The first book I read by this author was fun and full of humour.  This one is laugh out loud ’til tears run down your face funny.  I was reading it on a trip with friends and was laughing so hard they all wanted me to read it to them, and I often did.  Lawdog’s way with words is fantastic!.
Lawdog is a Sherriff’s Deputy in Texas, but he grew up in Nigeria where his father worked for SEDCO.  As a boy in Warri, he and his brother had the perfect boyhood.  At one point they decided to dig a pit in the back yard to catch a tiger.  Their native gardener tells them they must also put sharpened bamboo poles, pointing down, to prevent the tiger from escaping.  Well, of course they did.  Did they catch a tiger?  No, but they DID catch a Honey Badger – a relative to the type of badgers we have here, so you can imagine his temper.  And as the self important, pain in the neck, uniform wearing “brigadier-general who thinks he runs the town” takes a look at the commotion, he too falls in.  He always travels with two body guards, but they get into a squabble and are rolling around on the grass when the honey badger bites the juiceyest and closest part of the anatomy he can find.
Lawdog chronicles tales of bush pilots, pygmy mongooses, Peace Corp hippies, SEDCO’s fourth of July fireworks, building a submarine with his brother.  And because the author has such a laconic style and most of the laughter is at his own expense, we can laugh with him.  …”Africa wins again, and again, and again, but so does the reader of this sobering, but hilarious collection of tales from the dark continent.”
“Do not read in bed when your dear spouse is trying to go to sleep because said spouse will find your cackles, guffaws and manic laughter make sleep impossible.”
Apparently I am not the only one with coffee coming out my nose with the howls of laughter!
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Who Knew?

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