A Book Club with a Twist

Book clubs are popular because readers like to share their thoughts about the books they’ve read, and discuss the ideas or themes with other people. Recently the human rights organization Amnesty International launched a book club with a unique twist—the book club offers participants a special opportunity to make the world a better place. What makes Amnesty International’s Book Club (amnestybookclub.ca) so special is that after people read the book, they have the chance to take action to help other people in the same kind of situation they’ve just read about in the book. And their reading will be informed by a discussion guide specially-prepared for Amnesty Book club members. According to Amnesty, it’s a unique combination that only the Amnesty Book Club can offer. “At its heart, Amnesty International has always been about individuals taking action to protect the human rights of other people at risk,” says David Griffiths of Amnesty International Canada. “The Amnesty Book Club is very much in this tradition.” It’s free to join Amnesty International’s Book Club and every month participants receive the current month’s book recommendation, a discussion guide including background information and discussion questions, an action case on a current human rights issue, and notification of next month’s book.