Blackfoot Arts & Heritage Festival Comes to Waterton Lakes

Waterton Lakes National Park – Parks Canada is pleased to be working with the Blackfoot Canadian Cultural Society to present the Blackfoot Arts & Heritage Festival at the Waterton Community Centre. The festival runs from Monday August 18 to Wednesday August 20, between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Each day, you can participate in traditional and contemporary aboriginal arts and crafts, music, children’s activities, hand games, and dance performances. A festival highlight is the exhibition pow-wow dance competition, on Wednesday August 20 starting at 3:00 pm.

This event provides the opportunity to experience and appreciate Blackfoot culture in a park setting, and honours the longstanding relationship between Parks Canada and the Blackfoot people.

Native DancersQuick Facts

· The Blackfoot Canadian Cultural Society is based in Lethbridge, Alberta and is recognized across Canada for their contribution and commitment to fostering cross-cultural and community awareness relating to aboriginal arts and culture.
· Parks Canada contributes to the goals of the National Conservation Plan by connecting Canadians with nature and fostering an appreciation for nature among Canadians of all ages and cultures.
· There are many other activities in Waterton Lakes National Park, including cycling, hiking, water sports, fishing and sightseeing.

“We are pleased that the Blackfoot Canadian Cultural Society provides visitors to Waterton Lakes National Park such a rich opportunity to experience Blackfoot culture through this annual festival.”Ifan Thomas, Field Unit Superintendent

“This festival is a showcase of the authentic arts and heritage of the Blackfoot people. You won’t just watch, you’ll take part and share.” ~ Locke Marshall, Manager, Visitor Experience

(Parks Canada)